Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot Spring-Hot Spot-2014-Tempo-Lifestyle-Pearl-Espresso-28A hot tub is a fantastic complement to any space, and folks have been enjoying the health, entertainment and lifestyle benefits that come from ownership for generations. The perfect choice in any season, soaking in warm, massaging water is unparalleled for easing pain, decreasing stress and more. If you are considering ownership, here are a few of the spectacular benefits you have to look forward to and why relaxing from the comforts of home is a smart, practical choice.

Ease Back Pain
Hydrotherapy Is Unique Modern hot tubs are equipped with three elements that differentiate the experience from a typical bathtub. Heat, massage and buoyancy, also called hydrotherapy, work together to create an optimized environment for relaxing sore, overworked muscles and joints. A hot tub offers long lasting, sustained heat that doesn’t cool down as you soak, as powerful jets push streams of water and air at targeted areas on the body for a rejuvenating massage. Add to this the sensation of floating, or buoyancy, which reduces pressure on the joints and you have the perfect combination for relieving back pain in a safe, comfortable and convenient way.

Improve Sleep
According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately thirty percent of the population complains of sleep disruption. Insomnia, defined as difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep is a serious problem, affecting performance, mood and productivity. Fatigue makes it hard to be your best during the day, when it matters. If you suffer with insomnia or other sleep related condition, a hot tub may provide some relief. Here is some information on insomnia and how to soak your way to a better nights sleep.

The Science Behind Hot Tub Help For Insomnia In addition to reducing pain or stress and relaxing the body, there is science behind why using a hot tub before bed can promote sleep. It has to do with the elevated temperature of the water in the tub. Submerging the body in the high heat of a hot tub, even for just a few minutes raises core body temperature. This increase promotes relaxation, but it also causes blood vessels to dilate, which improves circulation. Getting out of the tub causes body temperature to decrease rapidly, which triggers the brain to prepare for sleep. A sharp drop in body temperature is an all-natural way to encourage sleep

Relieve Stress
Explore a Hot Tub For Fast, Easy Stress Relief An in home hot tub can be a fantastic tool for reducing stress. With massaging jets and soothing heat, a spa is the ideal environment for easing tension related pain. Relaxing in massaging water even for just a few minutes is soothing, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated from the inside out. A soak in the hot tub in the evening gives the mind the chance to unwind, for a deep, restful sleep. And in the morning, a quick soak can help you start the day refreshed and energized.

Eliminate Aches and Pains
For many of us, morning can be a tough time of day. With achy, stiff muscles and joints, low energy and fatigue, getting up and moving can be a daunting task. For arthritis sufferers in particular, morning activities are downright frustrating, with pain often getting worse as the day goes on. A quick soak in the hot tub before starting the day is an easy, convenient and practical way to alleviate pain, increase flexibility and create important stamina you need to make it through the day. Heat and personalized massage targets joints, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Repair, Refresh and Restore Youth and Vitality
While there’s probably no such thing as the fountain of youth, a hot tub may be the next best thing for restoring youth and vitality. Swimming has long been recognized as an easy, convenient way to keep muscles tone and weight in check, but using a hot tub may be just as beneficial. Soaking in hot water aids cardiovascular health – the heart works a little harder while you soak. Elevated heat increases blood flow, which improves oxygen delivery to damaged cells.

Reduce Arthritis Pain
Telltale signs of arthritis – aches, stiffness, even fatigue can be debilitating. Whether it’s early morning, afternoon or evening, when pain hits, it’s next to impossible to do much of anything, other than find relief. Prescription medication, even over the counter remedies can sometimes help, but medications can be uncertain and relief is often temporary. If you’re looking for an alternative, hot water and massage may be the solution. Here’s how to find relief from arthritis pain with an in home hot tub.

Defeat Aches With Powerful Massage Warm water works wonders on arthritis pain, but add powerful massage and an in home hot tub is instant relief. Hydrotherapy from the comforts of home makes it easier than ever to get on-demand relief, whenever the need arises. First thing in the morning after coffee, in the early afternoon, even before bed, slipping into heated water is easy and the perfect solution for defeating aches, stiffness and fatigue. High-powered jets target all areas of the body with the perfect amount of pressure to knead away pain deep beneath the skin. With the perfect massaging chairs, a dip in the hot tub is as relaxing as it is therapeutic and jets can be positioned to target exactly where you need it most.